teamCOM leverages on the wide coverage of global fixed and mobile communication networks with domestic and international reach. teamCOM services and applications are provided over a wide range of standard end-user terminals with ANDROID operation system (OS). End-user devices connect into the customer’s control room for secure communication, information and task processing.

The team X-Perience portfolio contains multiple powerful services & applications including;

With just the push of a button on their devices (Mobile/PDA/PC/Laptop/…), users can instantly connect with individuals or groups. teamtalk supports instant group communication amongst members of diverse communities or industries.


Lets end-users communicate with any individual member or group in their contact list via instant messaging (IM) with the push of a button (chat-like). teamtext can be used for inquiries, work orders, security information as well as community information platform and workforce management tool.

Our team technology combined with GPS-enabled devices allows dedicated community members to pinpoint staff and/or asset location by visualization on a computerized map (dispatcher function). This especially improves the security and management aspect of mobile communities and mobile enterprises.


The user device may be used as an alerting tool, instantly delivering emergency messages (including position), to those who need to be notified. Integration with third party response services and escalation processes is possible.

Supports seamless integration of mobile community and mobile enterprise processes into the teamcom service environment. Project based integrations allow optimized communication and information flow (ERP, CRM, PIM, etc.).


Provides the capability to stream multi-media files between individual users and/or groups. teamMDM opens new roads for information flow amongst its members (real-time streaming depends on network capacity).


Main Benefits

  • High reliability and security
  • Instant one-to-one and one-to-many connectivity
  • No capital expenditure on network infrastructure
  • Use of standard end-user devices
  • No hidden costs
  • Great domestic and international coverage
  • Easy provisioning of effective group cooperation
  • Integral solution between offices and field workers
  • Innovative and cost effective